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21 Alternative Search Engines To Use in 2020 Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is the second largest search engine after Google. It’s easy to use and … 12 BEST Private Search Engines: Anonymous search - NO Tracking Startpage. Startpageis arguably the world's most private search engine currently available. It offers … 17 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google Bing. As of January 2020, Microsoft sites handled a quarter of all search queries in the United …

Jun 29, 2020

Apr 26, 2020 · Billed by the company as “The World’s Most Private Search Engine,” StartPage conducts searches via a proxy server. It doesn’t record IP addresses, location, or search terms. Searches can be performed by going to their website, the StartPage toolbar can be added to your browser, or it can be installed as an extension for Firefox and Chrome. Please be aware that the use of proxy servers without the express permission from the owner of the proxy server may be illegal in some states and/or countries. Use at your own risk. Use your favorite search engine and search for 'proxy server list'.

Anonymous search engine. Your search, your privacy. Period.

List of privacy search engines for anonymous Internet Sep 26, 2010 [100% working] Best 1337x Proxy Server list