Mar 02, 2016

Multiwan menggunakan openwrt. iki jebule nggonamu to ang. wkakakkakka. lah nek multi koneksi, sing ji nggo wifi adapter, sing ji nggo AP, tak lebokke dadi siji neng openwrt trus openwrt tak gawe dua koneksi wifi, misal wifi a nggo koneksi seko wifi adapter sing wifi b nggo koneksi seko AP. Dual, Triple (and probably quad) WAN with multiple active Dual, Triple (and probably quad) WAN with multiple active WAN links and source routing. This tutorial shows how to implement multiple active WAN links, source routing, and fail-over with DD-WRT. Show Multiwan OpenWrt Luci - YouTube # opkg install luci-app-multiwan Connection : - 3/Three Indonesia (GSM) - SmartFreen (CDMA) Use dual router. #10530 (QoS + MultiWAN breaks QoS) – OpenWrt

SSH to your OpenWRT device. If you are using Windows then start PuTTY and click Session on the left side, select SSH from the options, and then enter in the IP Address of your OpenWRT box into the Host Name field. Multiwan’s documentation provides us with the following example network config setup to follow. Please note that port numbers

Just got a normal setup with multiwan. There also a problem with openvpn it does connect but cant ping any host on the vpn, some type of routing problem. Think its the same problem as reported here. /ticket/7613.html. When i stop multiwan all this problem stop at …

Dual, Triple (and probably quad) WAN with multiple active

OpenWrt Project: Multiwan The multiwan package is an agent script that makes Multi-WAN configuration simple, easy to use and manageable. It comes complete with load balancing, failover and an easy to manage traffic ruleset. The uci configuration file /etc/config/multiwan is provided as part of the multiwan package.. multiwan is old and not so maintained, it is better to use mwan3 LEDE/OpenWRT — Setting Up Multi-WAN | by CT WiFi | LEDE Jul 13, 2016 Routing and Multi-WAN — Using Multiple IPv4 WAN Interfaces¶. Before starting, make sure all of the WAN-type interfaces are enabled. For static IP WANs, make sure they all have a gateway set. Make sure the gateway/monitor IP responds to ping to confirm that each WAN is actually online and working before proceeding. luci-app-multiwan missing dependency · Issue #395