Better is first install your Cisco VPN Client and then open Center Network and Sharing, go to Change Adapter Settings and check what is the name assigned to your Cisco VPN Adapter, normally it is "Cisco Systems VPN Adapter", then open de registry with Regedit as follows 1. Open Registry editor by typing regedit in Run prompt 2.

Jan 29, 2020 Solve the Can't find VPPP adapter Error of Smart VPN DrayTek Smart VPN Client software for windows requires DrayTek Virtual PPP adapter to provide the SSL VPN service. The driver should be installed during Smart VPN Client software installation; however, if you see such error while establishing the SSL VPN connection, please follow the steps to resolve it. Part 1. "The SecureLine adapter is disabled" May 26, 2017 VyprVPN TAP Adapter Troubleshooting – VyprVPN Support On Windows systems, the TAP adapter is responsible for handling VPN connections for the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols. When VyprVPN for Windows is installed, it checks to see if the standard OpenVPN TAP adapter is on the system. If it is not, then it is installed along with the VyprVPN TAP adapter.

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