Nov 04, 2011 · Best Android Apps to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a TV Remote Control. 32. Jose. This app can also be used as a remote control for your TV with HD set-top box.

Unified Remote is a productivity app that can turn your mobile into a fully featured remote for your PC or laptop. The application has cross platform support by which you can control your Mac/Windows/Linux with your Android/IOS/Windows Phone. 2. Unified Remote. This application is a complete remote control system for your computer. With it, you can switch audio recordings, play videos, flip through presentation slides, control your browser and even work with files. Moreover, the application is also very easy to learn. To connect to your PC, you need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on both devices. Thanks to the external infrared that we can find in stores like Amazon or eBay, we can turn our smartphone or tablet into a remote control for just 3 euros. The only requirement for proper operation is to have a 3.5mm headphone jack input , although we can use models with micro USB or USB type C (usually work considerably better than the first Mar 19, 2017 · SURE Universal Remote is perhaps the best and most unique free apps for transforming your smartphone into a universal remote control. This app can even become the remote control of unknown devices. Device recognition. The first thing you need to do after opening the app is to successively add your remote controlled devices. Nov 04, 2011 · Best Android Apps to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a TV Remote Control. 32. Jose. This app can also be used as a remote control for your TV with HD set-top box. Remote control lights do not mean you are pressing a remote control to turn your lights off and on, although you can. It's far more than that. Remote control lights is like having the ability to control and access your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, laptop, Apple Watch, Siri, and other voice assistants.

How to turn your old tablet into a universal smart home remote. Dust off your old tablet and turn it into a one-stop control center for all your smart home devices.

Objective: Turn your Android/iOS phone into a remote control that can control all the multimedia actions of VLC Player on your computer.. One of the best multimedia players is the VLC multimedia player.

Find out if your mobile phone can be a universal remote First of all, first it is important that you check if your mobile has an infrared sensor. This sensor is essential to convert the mobile phone into a universal remote control , and not all mobile phones in the market incorporate this feature among their specifications (in fact, less and

Jul 17, 2017 · It’s good application to turn your smartphone into wireless remote to control window PC, and there’s basically no lag if your network connection is stable Check out the Video Demo Below:- We tested this application on pour Windows 8 PC and Android Nexus 4, the application works fine for us and all the features are working perfectly without Connected in Bluetooth 4.0 to a smartphone (whether Android or iOS), KlikR allows remote control, from the phone, of various equipment. Indeed, the module can learn and memorize the various remote control codes in order to be able to reproduce them. Dec 29, 2017 · Step-by-Step Process to control Kodi from a Smartphone Step1:- Turn on web control. First, you have to tell your Kodi box to allow remote control requests. Go to Settings, Services and choose the Control option. Mi Remote App is another remote control app offering control on your electric appliances using your smartphone. Mi Remote offers support on multiple gadgets like Smart TV, AC, set-top box, projector, DVD player, A/V receiver, camera, etc. Mi Remote App supports a wide range of electronic brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Haier Apr 27, 2020 · Transform your smartphone into a wireless presenter Phone2PC can transform your smartphone into a wireless mouse and presenter. With the App, you can remotely control a computer with your smartphone. When you give a presentation in a meeting, Phone2PC offers practical features like a laser pointer, countdown timer and paging to make your Jan 13, 2020 · Step: 3 — Go to your smartphone and open the Smart Remote Control app and select the TV name and connect. Step: 4 — After this, your phone will act as a remote control. android tv remote control app cell phone tv remote control does my phone have an ir blaster turn your android phone into a universal remote tv remote app without wifi