Charles got a new Eero mesh router all set up (Eero is a sponsor of the TWiT Network), but now he gets a warning that his router can be seen online. Leo says that the best thing a router can do is be invisible by not responding to any online queries. It's called Stealth Mode. That's what GRC's Shields Up will test. Most routers have PING turn

Mar 30, 2014 Has anyone used 'Shields Up' Firewall intrusion testing Mar 26, 2015 Hardening OpenWrt Security: Truestealth on GRC ShieldsUP! Test

Using Shields Up To Test Firewall Vulnerabilities - YouTube

Shields Up! from Gibson Research Corporation (i.e. Steve Gibson of the excellent Security Now podcast) is a port-scanning utility which lets you test the (generally unwanted, if present) openness of your home network to the public internet. The utility runs from a browser, Why does GRC's Shields Up test keep failing? | The Tech Guy Francine has been running Shields Up! from GRC and it keeps failing. She used to be "stealth" but lately she isn't. Leo says it's a router issue. Router makers decided to make routers easy to set up, but they ended up leaving everyone vulnerable, especially with instant UPnP connection. In fact, there's a new UPnP test on that Leo recommends everyone run to see if their routers are

31 minutes ago, Wilf21 said: Have installed KFA just now. Flickr uploads are messed up, as before (using Firefox 59). KFA has no private browsing or antibanner options to disable. In firefox, I cannot disable the add-on It says disabled when I press the DisABLE BUTTON, but becomes enabled aga

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